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Sidney Young

In 1999, I started Need Organizing? in San Diego, California. At the time I was trying to figure out how to apply my college education, in a way that would both help people and be fulfilling for me. I realized I was surrounded by friends and acquaintances who needed a little boost in the organizational department. This was before the rise of popularity of Oprah and HGTV organizing gurus. Need Organizing? has been featured on local San Diego news and published articles on Conquering clutter; "Getting Organized for the Holidays" and "Springing into Spring time".

One of the many perks of being a Professional Organizer is interacting with all the amazing clients I've had an opportunity to work with from a national greeting card entrepreneur and author, to a popular sports figure, two New York Times bestselling authors, a spiritual guru and frequent guest on The Oprah Show, from mom's and small business owners to a children's book publisher and an 80-year-old artist. I'm proud to have helped many people in achieving their organizational goals.

I have now relocated the company to Iowa City, Iowa. I'm grateful to have figured out years ago how important Organizing is to the masses and look forward to sharing my expertise with you.

Let's get ORGANIZED!

Sidney "Sid" Young
Professional Organizer

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