Hints & Tips

Who couldn't use a few basic tips to keep you in order? Here are some of my favorites. ENJOY!

Junk Mail

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  • Manage the mail and offers you receive or remove yourself completely from the majority of direct-mail lists by registering with DMAchoice™ at the Direct Marketing Association website. If you prefer not to register online you can send a written notification to:
    • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Mail Preference Service
      PO Box 9008
      Farmingdale NY 11735-9008

Credit Card Offers

  • Register at OptOutPrescreen.com and you will have the choice to opt out for five years or indefinitely.
  • Phone Line: You can request "no phone solicitation" nationally. Contact the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Direct Marketing Association
    • 11 West 42nd St
      PO Box 3861
      New York, NY 10163-3861

Filing Systems

  • File things based on category, not alphabetically.
  • One of each thing is enough.
  • Use hanging folders and a high quality filing cabinet: you'll be glad you did.


  • Have a section for everything: sports, camping, crafts, lawn, etc. Each thing has a place.
  • Store things so you can get to them without any trouble.
  • Get rid of everything broken, obsolete, unused, and unusable.
  • Throw out the boxes that things came in: you won't use them again.


  • Oh, boy - the biggie! Your desk should only have on it the things you use most often as well as a few mementos. Less is more!
  • Necessities include a good functioning tape dispenser, an excellent stapler, a container for pens and pencils, a letter-opener, a container for paper clips, post-its, and the like, and a good pair of scissors.
  • The more open space, the better you can do your work.

Hope you find these helpful, but if you haven't found the answer you're looking for please feel free to send me your question and I will be happy to answer it for you!

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